With 135.000 members, CFTC got 9 % of the votes to the elections of the industrial tribunal dated December 2008, which means an increase by 2,2% in comparison with 1997.
Today, CFTC includes 857 trade-unions grouped together in 14 professional federations (trade, services, sales force , private education , metallurgical industry , local authorities , transports , telecommunications , banks …).
CFTC is divided into 22 regional unions, 99 departmental and inter-departmental unions.
Since 1964, CFTC was ruled by Joseph Sauty (1964–1970), Jacques Tessier (1970–1981), Jean Bornard (1981-1990), Guy Drilleaud (1990–1993) and Alain Deleu (1993–2002), Jacques Voisin (2002-2011) to whom succeeded, as from the Congress of Poitiers in 2011, the present chairman Philippe Louis.
He is assisted by Pascale Coton, general secretary, and helped by a team.
“ The confederation claims to adhere to and draws its inspiration from the principles of the social and Christian morality ”
Put the economic growth in the service of anyone, create a living environment favourable for the families, build a new status of the worker !
A vision of society in order to reassure the life paths, a label for the company agreements.
For Europe, create a real social and democratic inspiration for the whole citizens. CFTC is not satisfied with a world more and more interdependent and which shows less and less solidarity.
In France, the dialogue is a whole grouping together the collective relations of work inside the firm, the negotiation by sector. In Europe, it's organised by the tripartite social summit thanks to the European Confederation of trade unions (CES).
1st may procession in Paris. CFTC's color is blue

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